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Welcome to HHS Theatre Guild


What Is Theatre Guild?

Theatre Guild is a student organization that brings students together through their love and interest in theatre. Guild meetings include announcements, discussions, theatrical games, planning fundraisers, discussing upcoming events such as attending plays and trips (Miller Outdoor Theatre, Alley Theatre, and of course the annual Renaissance Festival trip!), preparing and assisting in upcoming productions, and just spending quality time with the theatre family!

When Do We Meet?

The Theatre Guild meets generally after school on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month in the

Black Box #2156 from 3:05 pm - 4:30 pm.

How Did It Start?

Several years ago, students in the Humble High School Department of Theatre voted to initiate a Student-based support group for the department. This support group grew out of the need for both Students and Parents to become more involved in the Theatre Program. Through the efforts of just a few students, the Humble High School Department of Theatre created the HHS Theatre Guild.  

 What Are The Requirements? 

The HHS Theatre Guild - a student organization - is in direct correlation with the Department of Theatre. It must follow all Student, School and District guidelines to remain an active organization. This is very important when considering this group of individuals will be the ones traveling to various places to cultivate the educational aspects of Theatre. Whenever and wherever this group travels, they will remain under the auspices of the Department of Theatre and must follow all district rules and regulations.

Any violation of these rules will result in an immediate termination of that student from said organization. If the violations are severe enough, the complete termination of the entire Theatre Guild will take place. Only the Teachers who oversee this group, or the Administrators may terminate the group. 

This organization must have a Constitution; rules and regulations to maintain their eligibility as a student group. Without these guidelines, there will be no organization. The Teachers/Advisors of this organization will have the duties of overseeing and advising the group. No student shall take it upon themselves to create an activity without the knowledge of the advisors. If this were to happen, the advisers are well within their rights to remove the Student(s) from the organization. You can download and view our Constitution below.

Theatre Guild Constitution 

(Google Doc)

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Current Thespians

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