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The Trojan Women

October 5th & 6th 2018


The play centers on Hecuba, the fallen queen of Troy, and her grief at the loss of her city and her family at the conclusion of the Trojan War. Her daughter, Cassandra, mourns the loss of her service as maiden priestess in the temple of Apollo and captivates the audience as the mysterious and frenzied priestess. She prophesies the future of Odysseus' long journey following the defeat of Troy and promises revenge in her hated marriage to Agamemnon. Andromache, Hecuba's daughter-in-law, offers a heart-rending scene as she shares with all the death of her son. Finally the beautiful, but much detested, Helen of Troy begs her wronged husband, Menelaus, to spare her life. Through dance the Greek chorus mirrors the sorrow of the loss of Troy. The Trojan Women is a wonderful complement to the study of classic literature, mythology, history and theater.

24 Hour Theatre Project

GRAVE Consequences; Another One BITES the Dust

November 3rd 2018

Annually, select senior students are given the opportunity to design and write their own original play together. Other students have acting or technical opportunities. Theatre Alumni are welcomed back to direct. Here's the catch- The whole Project, writing, producing, directing, acting, designing and building is completed in 24 hours. Then the play is showcased to the public promptly after!

Crimes of the Heart

Beth Henley
January 11th & 12th 2019


Three sisters, each attempting to discover her own identity. They collectively deal with family problems and individual challenges. The bizarre yet believable characters in Henley’s Southern Gothic comedy struggle to deal with despair, loneliness, and failure. Black humor enables the sisters to find meaning and happiness in life, even if it is only momentary.