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Welcome to HHS Theatre Parent Booster Club!

Who Are We?

We are HHS Theatre Boosters! We are looking for families who have students in the Theatre Department at Humble High School. We are fortunate to have wonderful Theatre Arts teachers. They are very resourceful and work hard with their small budgets. We, the booster club, would like to help the Theatre Department in any way we can, whether it is financial or just volunteering. Our purpose for the theatre booster club is to involve parents in the enrichment of theatre students in theatre activities through cooperation, support, and participation. 

Join Us!

  1. What do I need to do when I sign up?

    • Pay dues, $10/family

    • Come to at least 4 meetings per year (we have 8 meetings a year) 

    • Participate in at least two activities per year

  2. When are the meetings?

    • They are usually once a month. The calendar of the meetings will be sent out to you after you join. 

  3.  What kinds of activities are available for me to participate in?

    • Membership drives

    • Sell concessions at theatre productions

    • Make calls/send emails to members

    • Help with costume alterations

    • Help with fundraisers

  4. Who should/can I call if I have additional questions or need more information?

    • You can call Mrs. Rood at (281)-641-6470 or Mrs. Phillips at (985)-290-9467

  5. What do I do if I am interested in signing up for HHS Theatre Booster Club?

For more specific information about what the Parent Booster Club does, please feel free to explore the Booster Club Bylaws document below.


Please consider being a part of this worthwhile organization and becoming
a valued member of our Parent Booster Club Board.

Dues can be paid online

Booster Club Bylaws
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