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Artistic Director: Mr. Hearn
Joseph Aguilar
Deion Espinoza
Cesar Hernandez
Justin Cooper
Anastasia Meziere
Katlyn Scherer
Ryker O’Neil
Juan Vasquez
Samantha Cantrelle
Lauren Brewer
Gabriela Bastidas
Hunter Minor


Technical Director: Mr. Hearn
Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Sound Board Op.
Light Board Op.
Backstage Manager
Costume Mistress
Prop Mistress
Mayomi Kochi
Alexis Washington

Angela Rivera 
Deion Espinoza
Evan Aguayo
Brianna Vasquez
Michael Nunn
Shayna Brown
Staphan Walker
Abiel Alvarado
Kyleigh Gibbs
Special Thanks
HHS Faculty & Staff
Heath Rood
Brandy Rood
Cindy Hearn
Mr & Mrs Maggard
Friends & Family of Cast & Crew

Over the River & Through the Woods

 Joe DiPietro
January 11th, 12th & 13th 2018

Nick is a young, carefree, single bachelor in New Jersey who spends nearly every Sunday afternoon visiting and dining with either of his two sets of grandparents, who are ethnic Italians. One Thursday he makes an unscheduled visit to announce that his corporate employer will be promoting and relocating him to Seattle, Washington in a few months. His grandparents are shocked, and dedicate themselves to making Nick stay. Without telling him, they invite a young Irish woman named Catlin to join them at the next dinner, hoping the two will bond and Nick will remain in the area. 

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