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Director: Mrs. Rood

U/S Bessie
U/S Alice & Margaret
Passion Helton
  Mia Driskell
Sy'Ria Williams

Djamila Zian
Courtney Campbell


Director: Mosher

Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Shop Crew
Hartleen Kloulubak
Tarynn Poff
Hartleen Kloulubak
Tarynn Poff

Alexis Covarrubias
Julian Dorr
Tayler Gonzalez
Avery Demming

Special Thanks

Jared Bentley

Shantell Phillips

Sheila Woodson
Joyce Courtney
Saul Keene
Estevan Rivera
Antique Warehouse
HHS Art Department
Kingwood High School
The Woodlands High School
Northbrook High School
& other anonymous donors


HHS Faculty and Staff
HHS Theatre Parent Booster Club
Friends and Family of HHS Theatre Students

Antique Warehouse

Modern Master Electric
Jonathan and Amanda Driskell
Heath Rood
Tristan and Tiana Maggard
Samantha Jameson
Mitchell Briant Sr.
Dr. Matthew Willis

A special thanks to Ms. Terri Osborne for supporting the needs of our program as we do our best to keep the theatre going during these difficult and uncertain times.

The Drowning Girls

Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson, & Daniela Vlaskalic
December 4th, 5th & 6th 2021


The Drowning Girls reflects on the misconceptions of love, married life, and the not-so-happily ever after. Comrades brings to life the story of a seven-year imprisonment and explores the struggles and agonies of two men, tried not for what they did, but for who they were.

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